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Discover the power of Dysport treatment – a revolutionary injectable treatment designed to smooth away wrinkles and restore a youthful glow. Unlike traditional approaches, Dysport offers a natural-looking rejuvenation that preserves your unique beauty.

At Illume Aesthetics in Eagle Point, OR, we specialize in the artistry of facial aesthetics. Our dedicated team, led by Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Bullock, is committed to providing unparalleled expertise in the realm of non-surgical facial enhancements. With a focus on personalized care, we strive to enhance your features while maintaining the essence of what makes you uniquely beautiful.

What is a Dysport Treatment?

Dysport, a cutting-edge alternative to Botox, has recently made its mark in the U.S. market, offering distinct advantages for specific procedures and individuals. Both Dysport and Botox utilize botulinum toxin to achieve results, leveraging its ability to control muscle movements and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Dysport’s unique properties make it an ideal choice for those seeking a natural and youthful transformation.


What is Dysport Used For?

Dysport is most commonly employed for treating the lines between the eyebrows, known as the glabella area, frown lines or ‘elevens’. With its heightened potency, Dysport often outperforms Botox in addressing severe wrinkles, while still proving effective for various facial regions. While long-term studies are ongoing, short-term results suggest that Dysport yields potent and satisfactory outcomes for patients.


Benefits of Dysport

Efficient Wrinkle Reduction:

Dysport effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by targeting specific facial muscles. This results in smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

Natural-Looking Results:

Dysport provides natural-looking results, allowing for facial expression without the “frozen” look often associated with more traditional treatments.

Quick and Minimally Invasive:

The Dysport procedure is quick and minimally invasive, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules. Patients can typically return to their daily activities shortly after treatment.

Versatility in Treatment Areas:

Dysport is versatile and can be used to address various areas of the face, including the glabella (between the eyebrows) and other facial regions. Its potency makes it effective for treating both mild and severe wrinkles.

Long-Lasting Results:

Results from Dysport injections are long-lasting, with effects typically lasting between three to five months. This extended duration means fewer required maintenance treatments.

Preventative Treatment for Wrinkles:

Dysport not only treats existing wrinkles but also acts preventatively by relaxing facial muscles. Starting Dysport treatments earlier in life can help prevent the formation of future wrinkles.

No Downtime:

Dysport is a minimally invasive procedure with little to no downtime. Patients can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment, as there are no incisions, stitches, or significant side effects.

Even Spreading of Injections:

Dysport injections spread more evenly across the treated area due to a lower concentration of protein. This contributes to a more natural and uniform appearance.

Effectiveness When Botox Becomes Less Effective:

Dysport can be effective for individuals who have developed an immune response or tolerance to Botox, as its lower protein content may result in a reduced immune reaction.

Refined Treatment Procedures:

With years of practice and experience, healthcare professionals can provide refined and precise Dysport treatments, ensuring optimal results.

Choosing Dysport at Illume Aesthetics in Ashland, OR, means embracing a treatment that goes beyond traditional aesthetics, offering natural, long-lasting, and versatile benefits for a rejuvenated appearance.


Why Choose Illume Aesthetics?

At Illume Aesthetics, we stand out as your premier destination for Dysport injections, offering a blend of expertise, personalized care, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. Here are compelling reasons to choose Illume Aesthetics for your Dysport experience:

  • Expertise of Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Bullock:
    • Led by Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Bullock, Illume Aesthetics boasts a leader with unparalleled expertise in facial aesthetics and injectables. Jennifer’s mastery in the art of aesthetics ensures that your treatment is administered with precision, skill, and an artistic touch.
  • Top 5% Ranking for US Med Spas Offering Injectables:
    • Illume Aesthetics is proud to be among the top 5% of US med spas renowned for excellence in injectable treatments. This recognition speaks to the quality of care, expertise, and satisfaction our patients consistently experience.
  • Over 20 Years of Combined Experience in Aesthetics:
    • Our seasoned team at Illume Aesthetics collectively brings over 20 years of experience in the aesthetics field. This depth of knowledge ensures that you receive treatments based on the latest industry advancements and best practices.
  • 600+ Five-Star Google Reviews:
    • Patient satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. With over 430 five-star Google reviews, Illume Aesthetics has earned the trust and appreciation of our valued patients. Real experiences shared by others highlight the quality of our services.
  • Affordable, Flexible Monthly Payment Options:
    • We believe that everyone deserves access to the benefits of Dysport. Illume Aesthetics offers affordable and flexible monthly payment options through our membership programs and Cherry patient financing, making your aesthetic goals more attainable.
  • Patient-Centric Approach and Long-Term Results:
    • Illume Aesthetics prioritizes a patient-centric approach, focusing not only on immediate results but also on long-term outcomes. Our goal is to provide you with a positive and fulfilling experience, enhancing your natural beauty while maintaining a genuine and authentic look.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dysport

At Illume Aesthetics, we offer a range of wrinkle reduction treatments. Dysport is unique in its formulation and application, providing distinct benefits. During your consultation, our experts will help you understand the differences and guide you toward the most suitable option for your goals.

Dysport injections are generally well-tolerated and minimally uncomfortable. Most patients do not require anesthesia, but we prioritize your comfort. If desired, topical numbing agents can be applied to ensure a virtually painless experience.

Yes, Dysport can be complemented with other aesthetic treatments based on your individual needs. Our practitioners will discuss potential combination treatments during your consultation to create a comprehensive plan tailored to your goals.

Absolutely. Dysport is a versatile treatment suitable for both men and women. At Illume Aesthetics, we understand the unique aesthetic goals of each individual, and our practitioners are skilled in providing tailored treatments for all.

While individual responses vary, many patients notice results within a week after their treatment. The gradual improvement in smoothness and reduction of wrinkles continues over the following days.


Where should I go for Dysport?

For successful Dysport injections, choose an experienced professional with a proven track record. Illume Aesthetics, led by Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Bullock, offers expert Dysport treatment in Ashland, OR. Contact us today to schedule your Dysport treatment and experience the transformative effects of this innovative injectable.

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Join our exclusive tox-club for BIG savings on your Botox & neurotoxins! Packages range from monthly payments of $52 and $105 a month. Call 541-631-8387 to learn more!

Join our exclusive tox-club for BIG savings on your Botox & neurotoxins! Packages range from monthly payments of $52 and $105 a month. Call 541-631-8387 to learn more!